So Many UFO’s

Yesterday evening, I was watching Gilmore Girls (again) with Kavi, and pulled out my knitting to organize it. So many UFO’s. (Unfinished Objects).

The problem is that what tends to attract me to knitting / crochet is learning new techniques (ADHD novelty & challenge-seeking), but a lot of the time, I don’t have the brain / concentration for that, and what I really need is something mindless I can do in the evening while watching TV. None of these projects qualify, I think. (The socks are sort of mindless once they get going, but I haven’t started the project yet, and there’ll be some set-up energy figuring out the pattern, etc.)

Well, maybe the grey Elvish skirt, which I’d actually like to wear this fall. Just glancing at it, it looks like maybe I’ve gotten past the fiddly cabling part? Unless there’s more fiddly cabling to come, which there probably is…

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