The Key Thing

So, I ran into a funny situation on my last night — I was leaving for the airport around 11 p.m., so was planning on getting dinner in the executive dining hall, where all the workshop meals had been paid for — but it turned out that it was closed that evening! No dinner for me!

No problem, I could buy something on campus in the next building over, BUT I’d been trying to spend down my Pakistani money, and I only had 500 Pakistani rupees left, which meant I couldn’t afford to eat in the nicer cafe, and I was lucky to have even that — I’d been keeping it for a tip, just in case.

They didn’t take dollars at the subsidized student cafe, and there was an ATM there, but my card hadn’t worked in it when I tried previously, so I was grateful that the subsidized student prices were enough that my 500 could get me dinner. (Folks in Pakistan will be happy to take dollars for tips right now.)

Not the tastiest meal I had in Pakistan! But I got fed plenty, which was the key thing at that point. 🙂 Whew!

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