The Best Meal in Pakistan

The best meal I had in Pakistan was when we were invited to a professor’s home in faculty housing on the LUMS campus, and his wife served us fabulous biryani, wonderful curried meatballs (kofta?), delicious hummus, and two of the best pies I’ve ever eaten (strawberry pie drizzled with cream, lemon curd tart).

There is apparently a serious regional debate about whether potatoes belong in a biryani — I dare not speak to what ‘belongs,’ but I think they are tasty. (It reminds me of the great latke-hamantaschen debate at the U of C, or the scone-cream-jam or scone-jam-cream debate…)

My cold was kicking in pretty hard by that night, so I only had a little of everything, and then excused myself and went to bed early, but maybe that was just as well, as I would have likely stuffed myself to the point of pain otherwise — it was SO GOOD. 🙂


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