A Sign of Returning Health

I made a chicken curry yesterday, another sign of returning health, when I’m feeling up to cooking. Not my best cooking — I had forgotten I was out of Sri Lankan curry powder, so I ended up just skipping it, which makes for a…’thin’ curry, is the best word I can think of to use. It doesn’t have the complexity of flavor that I’m used to, so it’s a little disappointing.

I was trying to figure out if I could fix it after the fact — I think if I made curry powder, then cooked some onions and stirred that in, then stirred *that* into the chicken curry (on the stovetop), it would help. But that’s a lot of work, and I have a garden to putter in. We’ll see.

Main goal for today is to finish clearing out the hellstrip in the front yard, and possibly do a run out to Home Depot for some spring bulbs for the house and a new wheelbarrow (will a wheelbarrow fit inside my cute little car? Hmmm…).

I also want to:

• write another scene on the story I started on the plane
• deal with some urgent e-mails
• set up the new Patreon tiers and post the completed story draft there
• finish unpacking from all my travel
• do the laundry
• put the clothes away
• deposit a check at the bank
• pack up a few boxes and put some things in the mail
• get the last of Christmas at least down to the basement / garage, if not actually put away
• switch out the kitchen to spring dishes and decor
• change out the bedding from Christmas gnomes to spring

But realistically, I probably won’t get to most of that today, because I’m also reading The Half Life of Valery K, which is going to take me another two hours or so, I think.

It’s my last day of spring break, I’m relatively healthy finally (still coughing a bit, but almost back to normal energy levels and only a slight headache), I don’t want to spend the whole day on chores. Some of those can wait for Saturday and Sunday.

A little reading, a little writing, a little gardening — sounds perfect.

Fine, maybe a FEW e-mails.

Recipe: https://serendibkitchen.com/…/01/sri-lankan-chicken-curry/

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