Getting Better

I’m very slowly getting better, but am still trying to rest as much as possible. Every once in a while, I get up and clean something because I can’t stand the chaos, which I think is a good sign — on Monday, I felt bad enough that I just didn’t care how messy it was.

The main goals for today, though, are to attend the SLF weekly Zoom meeting (we have some catching up to do after my travel), and hopefully go in person to the school board meeting tonight — I had to miss the last two for travel, and there are big things we’re making decisions on, so I really want to be present in person for the next several if at all possible. If I’m feeling too sick, though, I suppose I will Zoom in.

I’ve turned off most of the lights and set the humidifier going in the living room; hopefully both of those will help with the sinus headache. (It’s still there after ibuprofen, sigh.) Lit a lot of candles and have been watching Monty Don gardening for comfort. Perioidically, I pick up the new ukulele and practice a few chord changes.

It doesn’t feel like I’m making much progress, but I’ve learned instruments before, I know how this goes. Faith in the process. Which I suppose goes for recovering from illness too. Sigh.

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