Lunch at Haveli

We went to lunch at a fancy restaurant called Haveli, serving Pakistani cuisine; I’m guessing it mostly caters to tourists, as the prices would be pretty outrageous for locals.

It’s quite gorgeous, though, and *I* thought the food was very tasty. Although according to all the Karachi students, it wasn’t up to the standards of Karachi food! I gather there’s something of a food rivalry between Lahore and Karachi…

Many workshop students enjoying lunch at Haveli!

Panorama shot.

Haveli restaurant, Lahore, Pakistan. (One of the students recommended that drink to me, and it was delicious and unusual, but now I can’t remember what it was, bah. Should’ve taken better notes.)

Last shots of Haveli restaurant, Lahore, Pakistan. Can you tell I really liked their design choices? I’m a little obsessed, clearly.

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