And That’s a Wrap on ICFA 2023

And that’s pretty much a wrap on ICFA — I suspect I may be the last man standing; since I’m on spring break this week, I decided to stay an extra day and be leisurely heading home. It’s all about clearing my head right now, making space to think and make conscious decisions (like the big revisions to Patreon, see previous post), rather than heading right into the churn again.

I’m afraid I’m not over my cold — it actually got worse instead of better, and Roshani started muttering ominously about sinus infections, bronchitis, walking pneumonia. I usually try to avoid taking antibiotics, but if I’m not better soon, I may cave. I’m guessing sinus infection, because in addition to the hacking cough, I’ve had a pounding headache for three days or so, which Advil is only somewhat making a dent in.

But still, I’m glad I came — I was on several good panels, got to do a reading, got to catch up with Nalo, who I haven’t seen in far too long, along with a host of other old friends. And I met cool new people too, like Justin, pictured below, no last name. Well, I’m sure he has a last name, but I didn’t catch it. Ej Fischer, help?

Good con — I’d even say great con, if not for this stupid headache. Sigh.

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