A Suitable Gasps and Surprise Panels

I don’t have any photos from my author reading, but it went well — I read everything I’ve written so far of what I’ve been calling the Patreon story, and people seemed engaged, and laughed at the funny bits, and when I dropped a surprise body in at the end, there was a suitable gasp.

I’m hoping to finish drafting that story this weekend, and then set up a Patreon tier where I’m committing to writing and posting a short story every month. Eep. It will be good for me? More details on that soon.

And then this morning I got pulled onto a surprise panel, (BIPOC/SCIAFA) BRAVE SPACE: Mitigating cultural Appropriation. We ended up drifting somewhat far afield from cultural appropriation per se, which was just fine with me — it was a fascinating conversation. Moderated by Alexis Brooks de Vita, with Andrew Erickson and myself.

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