Even for someone with restless feet like me, three trips in a month is a lot. I had a moment, getting on the plane to Orlando last night, when I thought, “Really?” (When I told the kids I had ANOTHER trip, they also said, “Really?”)

But I strapped myself in, grateful that it was only a two-hour flight, and arrived at the conference hotel for ICFA by 10:30 or so. I managed about an hour of chatting with old friends and colleagues, and meeting some new ones, before exhaustion claimed me and I went to bed.

Eight hours of sleep, then rushed off to do my 8:30 and 10:30 panels, of which more anon. And now my only remaining commitment for the day is a Zoom meeting at 3; I’m resting in my hotel room until then. After that, if I have the energy, I’m hoping to manage a swim, and probably an early dinner and an early night. Will be more myself tomorrow, I hope, after more sleep.

Jet lag + cold = no-good.

But at least it’s warm here. (Not in the hotel, the hotel public spaces are weirdly freezing this year; I might have to go buy a heavier sweater than I brought if this keeps up. But my room is comfortable, and it’s warm out by the pool.)

When I get home on Monday, it’ll be spring break, and I plan a week of resting and gardening. I don’t have any other leaving Chicago travel in April or May, and I’m grateful. (Don’t worry, by June, I’ll likely be restless again…)

ICFA peeps, I think my only remaining commitment is my reading Friday afternoon — hope to see some of you there! If not, look for me poolside.

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