The Streets of Lahore

I didn’t take a lot of photos on Monday or Tuesday — we packed the workshopping days pretty tightly, and I also wasn’t sure at that point that all the students were comfortable being photographed and having the photos posted. (As it turned out, they all were, so lots of pics of them coming).

It’s all a little fuzzy now, but if I’m remembering right, we critiqued six students on those two days, had individual meetings in the afternoons with all of those critiqued (they could talk about the critique, but the time was really for them to talk with me and Liz Hand about whatever they wanted, and mostly, we talked about lots of other writing-related things).

I think it was Tuesday evening that I co-moderated a really interesting panel talking about the concept of the uncanny, which I’ll post a video of shortly — I’m planning to just throw the raw footage up here, and then have Darius Vinesar put it up on the SLF site too — I don’t know that there’s much he can do to edit it, but we can at least annotate it with the panel participants and their bios.

Wednesday, they’d blocked off as a sightseeing day, with the intent of absorbing some Lahore cultural history, doing some writing prompts, etc. It was wonderful, though also all a little ambitious, in retrospect — I think Liz and I were both fairly exhausted by the end of dinner that day.

On the other hand, I can’t think which wonderful experience I’d want to cut — I think I just wanted to be a decade younger, with more energy. Or at least not have a cold — by Wednesday, the tickle in my throat had definitely started turning into an actual cold.

(Tehseen, maybe a note for next time that if your instructors are a little older and tired like me, they should ideally plan on at least arriving a little earlier, and leaving a little later, so as to have more rest time between the long plane flights and the intensive workshop. I mean, I couldn’t, because of my teaching schedule, but if it’s possible, would definitely recommend. And maybe make more of the evening activities clearly optional, with plans for how to get the instructors home early if they’re wiped out.)

Photos from streets of Lahore, as we started our sightseeing.

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