Fascinating and Sad

We didn’t actually go into the library (next to the Lahore Museum), but there was a bookstall right outside, and the workshop students excitedly browsed and bought books.

It was fascinating to me, seeing what English language books had made it over to Pakistan. (I encourage you to browse the titles in the pics. It is NOT a great selection. EDITING to clarify — it’s not what’s there; it’s what’s missing.)

Fascinating and sad, especially given how wildly expensive such books are for the locals to buy. I’m trying to remember the specifics, but I think it’s roughly 4-5 times the cost it would be for me.

Just think how much more difficult that makes the job of becoming an English language writer. 😞

I wish I could think of a way to get them a better selection of contemporary SF/F — I could certainly gather a TON of donations, I think, but the shipping costs would be prohibitive. Gah.

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