This is Sana

This is Sana — she kindly gave me permission to post this photo of her on the swings. She’s a first year student, and insisted on walking me over to the dining hall when I asked her to point me in the right direction. She was doing the same thing I was — wandering around and taking early morning photos — a kindred soul.

She told me that she’s from Islamabad (the capital), and the university there is much larger than LUMS, maybe 4-5 times as big? She wanted to go there, but her parents convinced her to go to LUMS instead — I gather it’s a more prestigious place, with more opportunities for its graduates?

We passed the aquatic center on the way, and I asked if I’d be able to swim while I’m here — with my recovering sprained ankle, I can’t walk long distances, and I feel like I’d better try to swim daily if possible, if I’m going to be eating as well as I expect to in Pakistan.

Sana said yes, that I should just check the schedule for female swimming times. So that will be interesting. 🙂 She learned to swim here last semester. She doesn’t know what she’s majoring in yet, since she’s a first-year, but maybe economics?

I love talking to college students. They are such sparkly gems, so full of confusion and possibilities.

I’ve now returned to my room to post these photos for you, and have a cup of tea — nice and strong, just the way I like it. There is tea in the Rausing Executive Development Centre rooms, but no coffee, which is fine with me…

In a few minutes, I’m going to meet up with Tehseen again, and go get breakfast. Tehseen is the publisher of Tasavvur, a one-year-old magazine that publishes imaginative short stories from South Asia. Check them out here: (He’s also the founder of the Salam Award.)

LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan.

A few seconds of Sana, swinging.

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