I May Have Planned It

I may have gone to a ukelele store yesterday (Hanalei Strings, in Kauai), and I may have told both Jed and the nice young man at the counter that I wasn’t actually planning to buy a ukelele…

…but I may have researched the store in advance and may have seen that they had a beautiful BLUE mahogany ukelele hanging on the wall…

…and I may have known in my heart of hearts when I walked into that store, that yes, I was going to buy a ukelele. (Or as it turned out, Jed was going to buy one for me, thank you, Jedediah.)

Working on learning John Denver’s _Leaving on a Jet Plane_ now — my prior attempt to learn guitar is serving me well; I think I may have it down by end of day. Ukelele is much easier than guitar. Nice to intercut ukelele practice with writing scenes.

Pictures 3 and 4 are stunning ukeleles handmade on the island, costing close to a thousand dollars. They are very very beautiful. But I am happy with my more basic one. I think they start around $115; the blue one was more like $185.

It’s made of ‘exotic blue mahogany,’ but having done a little research online, the actual wood just has a faint tint of blue, and this seems pretty clearly to be stained to this deeper color, which is just fine with me.

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