My Current Catalog of Woes

Feeling sorry for myself continues, so today, instead of photos of my ankle, I give you my current catalog of woes:

– after going in to teach yesterday, even though I swear I didn’t put any weight on the ankle and elevated it most of the time I was on campus, the outer shin area started aching, continued aching through bedtime, and had swollen up a bit when I unwrapped and checked it at bedtime (not as much as previously, and the overall foot swelling seems improved, but still, discouraging)

– I took hours to fall asleep last night, unable to get into a comfortable position with my foot, and while I feel okay now, I expect I will run out of energy early today

– I’ve managed to do something to my left arm — I don’t know if it was in doing tricep pushes to scoot backwards up the stairs or just reaching for something, or maybe from being propped in funny positions on the couch for hours at a time, but it’s ouchy and annoying when I try to lift it to do anything

– I had Kavi put together a crafting basket for me last night, and I was going to work on it this morning, because making things is one of the few things that makes me feel less cranky right now, but she brought me the wrong thread, and I didn’t notice until now, bah. I’ll try to get Anand to fix it, but I am dubious, and going two flights down to the basement and then back up just for thread seems unwise.

– I’ve actually got a long work day today — I’m teaching a workshop for the SLF from 10 – 12:30, and then I need to spend a few hours working on writing evaluations for the LAS Dean position candidates, and then I need to spend a few hours working on reading Illinois Arts Council subs, because everything is coming due imminently or soon

– I still have SLF e-mails that are also overdue, gah. It’s only about an hour of work, but I’ve just been so busy / exhausted / had more urgent deadlines and board meetings and board meeting prep and such, that I’ve had a really hard time motivating to do them. But people are waiting on me. Gah.

– I also really ought to figure out what I’m doing with Patreon, and respond to some publicity e-mails for Vegan Serendib, and get the last remaining flash sale items finished and packed and mailed

– I’m supposed to be at a local market tomorrow, and the market itself is just sitting in a chair, so that should be relatively easy, esp. since Kavi was planning to work the market with me even before my injury, but it’s going to take some thinking trying to figure out how to get everything packed up and over to the space — I need to take a folding table and two chairs over to Forest Park at 10 a.m. tomorrow, and Kev and the kids will load for me, but I’m not sure I can get an Uber to do that? Maybe if I request a larger car? Gah.

Okay, those are all the complaints at the moment. More will doubtlessly emerge as the day goes on. Just feeling a little exhausted and a little (maybe a lot) overwhelmed.

I’ve managed to move myself to the guest bedroom where I can watch TV without disturbing Kevin and nap if an opportunity presents itself, and I’ve got on clothes I can teach in for the Zoom, and I’ve even managed to braid my hair, so that’s something. Little victories, I suppose I’ll take them.

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