Missed a Step

Dammit. Missed a step on the stairs while carrying something large and fragile (3D printer); automatically tried to keep the thing from breaking, which I succeeded in, but in the process, landed very badly on my ankle, twisting it in two different directions. The printer was probably broken anyway, so feel particularly stupid about trying to protect it, but oh well, done is done.

The pain was pretty blinding for a while there. Ankle might well be sprained (with torn ligaments). It’s going to be a big nuisance trying to get to my doctor to look at it anytime soon, because any movement of the ankle causes more pain. But I *can* move it, and my toes all work; I don’t think anything’s actually broken. Hopefully it’ll improve on its own in the next day; if not, we’ll get me in to the doctor somehow. Gah.

Have taken max ibuprofen allowed for the moment and iced it for 20 minutes, now have it tied up with a scarf for compression and Kevin has gone over to the drugstore to get something to wrap it properly. Still hurt quite a lot for the first thirty minutes or so, but now that the ibuprofen has finally kicked in, it’s just a dull throbbing.

Kev got me over to the couch, and I’m tucked up there now with tea and TV, with my foot elevated above my heart (to reduce blood flow and thereby swelling), and that’s probably all I’m going to be able to manage anytime soon. Will ice it again in a few hours, per Mayo Clinic instructions.

I’m glad I’m 51 and not 71; would have been terrible to break a hip. By the time we’re in our 70s, I think we’re going to aim to be in a home with fewer stairs…

Update to add photos an hour in — yup, that’s definitely swollen. Now wrapped more effectively. Have moved up to the bedroom, which was something of a trick without putting weight on the ankle. Much hopping. Kind of exhausting.

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