A Promise of What’s to Come

Busy morning — set an alarm to get up and have a Zoom call at 8 a.m. with Elizabeth Hand and the folks running the Pakistan SF workshop; we spent a few hours planning, and I think it’s going to be great, assuming my visa comes through, all the fingers and toes crossed.

Now I’m hosting SLF co-writing from 11-2; for the first hour, I’m planning to just keep working on re-organizing my office, which is getting very close to done. When I’m done with that, I’ll have one fewer excuse not to write…

Overall goal is to pick a Patreon project and actually start drafting something for it. Very nerve-wracking, I’m having a hard time starting, what if it’s terrible, etc. and so on. After thirty years as a writer, you’d think I’d have gotten over first draft jitters, but apparently not. Sigh.

At least my bougainvillea has decided to put out a bloom. A little promise of what’s to come in Pakistan, perhaps. 🙂

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