Patreon Writing Project Possibilities

Poll time! Here are three possibilities I’m considering writing for an upcoming Patreon project — I need something fun to motivate me. Would love thoughts / votes on what’s most appealing to you:

1) a somewhat sexy series about SF academics — set on Kriti, at my University of All Worlds, with new characters you haven’t met yet, professors and grad students and undergrads of lots of different species. Possibly with bonus murder mystery.

2) a SF series set on a spaceship (think a small ship, like Firefly) with a crew of multispecies characters, found family, who are basically event planners — a horticulturist, a chef, acrobats and dancers, who travel from world to world hosting parties, encountering various difficulties along the way (this is the setting for my Jump Space RPG, so I’ve worked a fair bit of it out already)

3) a fantasy series, possibly set in the world of my (unpublished) YA fantasy novel, Rasathi, South Asian medieval in feel, with probably some kind of kitchen and/or garden witchery at the heart of it — domestic and relatively low-stakes, relaxing to read.

What sounds good to you?

Photo: amaryllis “Spartacus,” brightening up February.

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