Too Much Microwave Time

I think I might have used a little too long microwave time with these hellebore flowers.

(Locals, if you’re wondering how I have hellebores now, Good Earth Greenhouse has some for sale; I’m planning on planting this one out in the garden once spring arrives, and it should come back year after year.)

The centers are very wet, so after the first 30 seconds, I put them in for another 30, but that led to some brown on the edges. It’s okay — hellebores have a sort of old-fashioned look and shades of brown blend in reasonably well. But when I have more blooms to spare, I might try it again with shorter bursts of microwaving after the initial 30 seconds (which is what they recommend — I get impatient, and then suffer the consequences).

Of these, the mums pressed the easiest — the others are still a little damp, but I’m sort of afraid to microwave them again. Might just leave them in a book for a week to finish drying? Hmm…

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