Interesting Little Winter Project

Fun little winter project while I’m impatiently waiting for it to be time to start seeds — used some of the fabric I designed on Spoonflower (Mayura Raksha) to sew a cache pot (a decorative pot that holds another pot).

In theory, you could plant directly into the fabric pot, but you’d need to address the issue of water drainage (with perhaps a dish underneath, or setting it on a tray, maybe with decorative rocks). And even if you’re lightly watering (as I am with this succulent), it would likely eventually shorten the life of your fabric pot. In a humid climate, you might also be fighting mold issues, if the fabric is sitting damp.

But all that said, I might actually try potting this up directly, probably with a plastic drainage tray on the interior, because I do water this succulent lightly, and this is a pretty large pot, so the fabric isn’t holding straight on its own, which is bugging me a little. We’ll see! Interesting project!

Instructions here:

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