Fond of Fireflies

Okay, if I make a NEW mistake every time I sew one of these, that’s progress, right? I was going along so swimmingly, and then I tried to sew the lining to the outer fabric (it is not supposed to be attached all around). It was quick to fix, though, so that’s something!

And I love how this one came out — this is one of my favorite Spoonflower fabrics (Catching Fireflies by the storysmith), so I indulged in making a big bag with it, 8″ x 10.5″. Lots of toiletries, art supplies, etc. would fit in here! Comment below if you want to be tagged into Saturday’s flash sale.

Link to fabric and instructions in comments.

(I am very fond of fireflies, and I feel sad for West Coast people that fireflies never managed to cross the Rockies…)

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