My Work Is Fun

My uncle, on finding me tucked into an upstairs bedroom: “Why are you working? It’s a party!”

Me (out loud): I know, but I’m on a deadline.

(I WAS on a deadline — I have workshop tomorrow, and I needed to get these revisions in today so my people have time to read them and prep feedback for me…

…but also, I didn’t want to say out loud that four parties in four days is kind of a lot, and spending 3 hours sitting at a desk working on my screenplay was very satisfying and QUIET and just what I needed.)

Later, my nephew Tagore finds me at the computer again: “Why do you work so much?”

I do not answer, “Because I’m a workaholic,” although that is probably true. I do say, “Because my work is fun, and I like doing it,” which is also true. At least some of the time. 🙂

Revised opening to screenplay.

It may stay, it may not. We shall see. But I’d love to see this scene filmed someday…

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