Putting Together My Parents’ Christmas Tree

Kevin putting together my parents’ tree with the niblings, Veera and Tagore. We went through Amma’s ornaments and did our best to decorate a bit for tomorrow’s birthday party for Savreen (age 6) and my father (age 80).

Amma’s full-time in care now, and it feels very strange, decorating her house for an event she can’t attend. (We could bring her for a few hours, and we thought about it, but at this point, I think it’d be disruptive to her peace of mind.)

I remember when she had that room decorated, in the early 80’s— she loved it so much. The peach walls and furniture, the glass divider with the uplit plants behind. There was a plush white carpet in the room, and we children weren’t allowed in, except on a little plastic runner that went to the piano, so we could practice.

I’ll take the kids and Kevin to see her tomorrow. She probably won’t recognize any of us, but she may smile to see friendly faces anyway; she usually does.

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