Holiday Party 2023

We’re having our annual holiday party tomorrow, combined with a book launch for Vegan Serendib and Alec Nevala-Lee‘s new Buckminster Fuller biography.

Locals, if you’d like to stop by (between 2-7) and didn’t get an invite, you’re more than welcome — just let me know! Buying a book is not required, but of course, it does make a lovely gift, esp. if signed and personalized to the recipient… Both of my cookbooks are also available at Carnivore, if stopping by there is more convenient!


Speaking of book gifts, I’ve been watching Louise Penny’s Three Pines TV series on Prime while prepping — really fun seeing one of my favorite mystery series on screen! I hope she likes the adaptation. Six episodes are out so far; I think they’ve done a pretty good job of bringing beloved characters to life.

If you haven’t read the books, they start with _Still Life_ — highly recommended. There also seems to be a Still Life movie from 2013, which I guess I have to watch now, since I’ve caught up with the TV series. 🙂 Going to be a little disconcerting seeing different actors, though.


I’m trying to be reasonable with the menu-planning, doing a minimum of cooking and picking up things from the store that can be heated, etc. And yet, and yet, I have to cook a little, don’t I? 🙂 (The starred items are from the store and just need heating up, setting out…) Per usual, it’s colonial-themed, with mostly a mix of British and Sri Lankan dishes.

* caramelized onion bites
* mini quiches
* mini samosas
* shrimp cocktail
* cheese and crackers

cucumber sandwiches
egg salad sandwiches
roast beef & horseradish sliders
Sri Lankan tricolor sandwiches?
chai spice star bread?
saffron rice
lentil curry
chicken curry
deviled potatoes
coconut sambol
cranberry-cashew milk toffee
pear & berry trifle

* fruitcake
* chocolate star cookies
* chocolate pretzel rods
* mandarins (possibly some of them will be cloved)

iced sugar cookies

many beverage options, alcoholic and non, hot and cold 🙂


Oh, and Trader Joe’s has its hellebores in, locals. These can be planted out in the garden after the season is over, and there’s a reasonable chance they’ll come back year after year. I don’t remember the price off-hand, but I think they’re about half the price of hellebores normally.

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