Packing Day for Patreon!

We’ll get at least all the Earth tier boxes out today, and the rest should go out tomorrow. Darius and Stephanie are here to help, and I think Emmanuel is coming by too, so I have hopes for a very efficient packing morning. Fingers crossed. 🙂 Wish us luck!

I feel a little iffy claiming this is an ‘autumn’ box, but on the other hand, I think it’s technically autumn until the solstice, so I have a few more days! And maybe the seasons are different in Wonderland anyway….


Earth tier ($40):

• the White Rabbit’s mulled apple cider marshmallows

•the Caterpillar’s smoked & salted vanilla marshmallows three ways:

– dark chocolate with crumbled graham crackers

– ruby chocolate with a dizzying array of colored sprinkles

– white chocolate with green glitter and gold stars

• Queen of Hearts cherry-rose scone

• chai-spiced banana bread

• Autumn in Wonderland falling leaves iced sugar cookies

• chocolate box (dragonfruit crown, silvered rose (with rose flavor), cinnamon dark chocolate rose, lemony white chocolate crown, ruby hearts)

• the Sleepy Dormouse’s garden party tisane: cacao nibs, dried fruit (peaches, cranberries, apricots, pears, nectarines, and raisins), crystallized ginger, rose petals

• the Mad Hatter’s cocktail / mocktail mix (hibiscus powder, crystallized ginger, dried pineapple)

•Wonderland hand-colored bookmark

•the Caterpillar’s trippy amber & sandalwood soap

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