Could Use Some Research Help on Knot-Tying

I could use a little research help on knot-tying, but it’s very specific — I’m hoping I have someone with the relevant knowledge here. Scenario:

– Shanthi’s grandfather is a fisherman in Sri Lanka
– he’s tying ropes for his nets, and has been doing that for a long time
– what knots would he already use, that he could have taught her?
– and, ideally, I’d love to have him enthused about learning a new knot from YouTube, which he’s showing her how to tie (is this plausible? Are knots regional enough that there might be one from, oh, a Swedish fisherman, say, that wouldn’t be commonly used in Sri Lanka?) — what might that knot be?


(Pictured: The tree outside my Kauai guest bedroom window, which is frequented by so many butterflies, hummingbirds, and other little birds. I have to go look up the name at some point; it’s my favorite tree here now. I go home tomorrow, and I will miss this room dreadfully.)

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