Election Day!

I know most of my friends are likely voting the straight Democratic ticket, but that won’t tell you whom to vote for in the judges’ races, and judges are important.

Rather than skipping that category, I recommend, “Girl, I Guess” — the progressive voter guide that accepts that sometimes you have to hold your nose and vote for the best available candidate. You’re allowed to print out notes and bring them with you when you vote.

Link in comments. Happy voting! Whatever happens today (and I’m still hoping for a blue wave, personally), and however hobbled and gerrymandered our system might be currently, I still celebrate our right to vote, and feel lucky to live in a country that chooses this system of government.

But we really should switch to a ranked choice voting system (also known as instant runoff voting) which improves fairness in elections. Several states have — this is a good thing to work on, if your state hasn’t yet.

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