Dinner at Margie’s Grill

Dinner at Margie’s Grill in New Orleans, which was super-cute. I had:

• very tasty ginger & lime mocktail

• complimentary cracklin (crispy Home Place Pastures pork belly dusted with chili BBQ rub & lemongrass curry sprinkle) — yummy

• CAMBODIAN CRAB SALAD (sliced apples & fresh picked Louisiana crab meat; dressed with chili, lime & N.O. East herbs; topped with toasted rice powder) — this was a little salty for me, to be honest, and could’ve used more apple for balance

* BUTTERED CORNBREAD. (y’all) — everyone agreed this was really good; more of a rich corn cake than cornbread, and hey, gluten-free too.

• MARKET PICKLES — this was meh. It might’ve been fine as an accompaniment to the right thing, but I was picturing more Asian quick pickled veggies, instead of more standard American sour cucumber pickles and bell peppers, so was a little disappointed


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