Sewing a Sari Blouse: 3 of 11

In the end, cutting only took an hour or so, and I *think* I got all the seam allowances right, and I *think* I cut out all the facings.

I did forget the seam allowance on the very first cut, sigh, but I had enough fabric that I could adjust position and try again. Pro-tip — if possible, get extra fabric when you’re planning to learn a new pattern!

The younger, more foolhardy me would now say, “Hey, it’s only 9:30, I could totally sew this up tonight and try it on and adjust it…”

But that way lies folly, and sorrow, and woe. I am the sadder but wiser girl, as Harold Hill would say, and I have learned from my previous forays into the lands of temptation. My sewing machine will be safe in the basement until morning, and I, I will hie myself safely to bed.

Tomorrow, we sew.

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