Zooming In

Tonight’s board meeting, 6:30 – 10:40. A long one.

I had a bad moment when the board president texted me at 4 to see if I could actually come in for the meeting; I’d previously told him that due to my cough I’d be Zooming. I really wasn’t sure I could sit upright at a table for four hours, and if I tried, I’d likely be coughing pretty much straight through.

But thankfully, one of the other board members who had originally planned to Zoom was able to come in, so we had quorum (we’re required to have four board members there in person, or we have to cancel the meeting). So I mostly kept my video and audio off, just turning it on the few times I had to participate in voice votes or when I had questions re: the presentations.

I don’t love doing that, because I think it does help if community can see board members’ faces and bodies; it all helps with communication. But I don’t think it would have served anyone to listen to / watch me coughing for four hours.

At least the board meeting wasn’t yesterday — I was much sicker last night; I don’t think I could have participated at all. Sleep now. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more myself again.

Tonight’s hero of the revolution: Mama Thai’s tom kha gai; I have almost no appetite right now, so I couldn’t bring myself to eat much of the chicken, but the spicy coconut milk broth was restorative, and Ellie was very happy to get all my leftover chicken.

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