I Do Love Trains

Converted two more scenes on the train ride back to CT, also napped for 30 minutes. (Setting an alarm just to make sure you don’t sleep through your train stop = essential for peaceful napping.) I do love trains. Manuscript is now up to 18 pages. I think I’m aiming for a 45-minute pilot episode, roughly, which would be the start of a miniseries? Maybe? Well, we’ll see.

Tentative goal is to finish that draft by the end of this 6-week screenwriting class, and then do revisions on both that and the pilot I drafted this summer in the next month. I also have about two hours of edits to do on the novel that I’m adapting, which I’m hoping to do at the airport tomorrow; my dad is going to drop me off early because some friends are taking him out to see a Tamil movie, which will be nice.

Goal for novel — get it in the submission mail this coming week. It’s lingered for five months for no good reason. Enough, Mary Anne. Drop it in the big scary lake — let’s see if it can swim.

After the train, got back to my parents’ house, talked to my aunt (who stopped by and brought me rolls & cutlets) about my mom’s eldercare, filling her in on where we are at this stage (much still up in the air, but progress is being made, if slowly), knit another row on my skirt. I’ve been watching episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events; the adaptation works really well, I think!

Soon, bed. Tomorrow, more writing, more knitting, visit my mom, go to airport, more writing, go home.

Photos from a farmer’s market in Union Square that I walked through on my way from Veselka to Penn Station. Great flowers! I was very virtuous and did not buy more yarn just because it was pretty and soft and there…

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