9 Pages, 9 Minutes

Worked on the screenplay for an hour this morning — I’m up to 9 pages, which sounds impressive, until you realize that’s only 9 minutes.

I feel like I’ve barely gotten into the very beginning of the novel, though, which is making me wonder if this will actually translate to a feature film, or if it’ll end up being more of a miniseries? I’m not sure at all, but I think I need to convert more material before I have any real sense of that. So it’s mostly just keep on keeping on.

This isn’t for any kind of deadline, aside from the class, but I’d like to have a first draft of whatever it is by the end of the year. At which point, I have a few professional screenwriting friends who have agreed to look at my material and give me feedback, so fingers crossed.

I’m actually also having a screenwriting-related meeting in NY next weekend (I’m going out to the East coast to help my parents some more with eldercare, Thurs – Sun, but will take the train from CT to NY on Sat for this meeting, then take the train back), which will likely not come to anything, but it should be interesting, at least. Can’t really talk details right now, but will tell you more when I can, especially if it actually turns into something.

Next I’m going to read and crit some of my classmates’ material for the class, and also do some prep for my own teaching tomorrow.

Birthday D&D game is scheduled for 3 p.m., with family dinner afterwards. Anand has requested lasagne and red velvet cake for his birthday dinner. We will endeavor to oblige.

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