Appropriately Fluffed

Dark pic, will do better in daylight when I get the chance. And I didn’t really make the bed properly for y’all, sorry — please imagine all pillows appropriately fluffed, etc.

But we’ve switched out the bedding to autumn (dark blue and orange and a touch of white), and I’ve redone the headboard in a dark blue velvet (bargain-priced remnant from, to coordinate with the drapes and the wall color.

Next step in transforming our bedroom into (a slightly desi) Cair Paravel, a crown canopy. I’ve ordered a frame from Etsy, so it’ll be a little while before I get to install it, but I’m looking forward. (I went for 45″ wide, so $150 for the frame.)…/frame-for-a-crown-canopy-dark…

I’ll have to decide whether to continue the blue velvet in the drapes, or do white mosquito netting — both appeal, for different reasons. (But we don’t want to try to do two layers, as there is very little clearance as it is…) I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with blue velvet.

Now back to a glass of red wine and watching episode 4 of House of the Dragon with the lord of the manor…

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