WorldCon Sunday

Someone got a photo of me presenting Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders with their Hugo for Our Opinions Are Correct (incidentally, one of my favorite podcasts, you should listen to it). They’re adorable.

Fabulous desserts from the post-Hugo reception thrown by the Chengdu WorldCon team. V. tasty! Fingers crossed I can go to WorldCon in Chengdu next year — I’m a little worried that their COVID restrictions will kick in and make the con go virtual, but hopefully not.

I know some people are choosing not to attend the WorldCon in China because of political concerns. I will always respect that choice, but for me, I’m at least as mad at America as I am at China on the political front. I would rather go, meet more Chinese people. I’d rather talk to them about writing and politics and science fiction and building better, more humane, futures together.

That last photo is from Dublin, I think, a few years ago — I met a young SF writer from China, Tang Fei, and had a lovely conversation with her. I’d like more of that. Here’s a link to her book, a set of 5 translated short stories:…/36169382-a-collection-of…

(Possibly it’s actually Fei Tang? I’m totally not sure. I have much to learn.)

Also, I’ve never been to China — I admit, my plan is mostly to attend whatever panels I’m assigned to, and spend the rest of the time sightseeing!

I just found an interview she did on sexism in SF. Going to go read it now:…/sexism-and…/…

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