Now I’m Full

Came home last night, wasn’t sure if we were recording the podcast this morning, so got up and got dressed, but was admittedly relieved that we’re not actually scheduled to record today. I’m tired.

Taking it easy for now with TV and hopefully the last of the ChiCon posting, enjoying a perfect breakfast of tea and one of Marina’s Aunty’s rolls. Okay, two of Marina Aunty’s rolls, because I couldn’t resist — they are SO addictive. Now I’m very full.

Plans for the day involve taking Kavi shopping for her homecoming dress in a bit, and then figuring out what to make or buy for Kevin for his birthday dinner — we’re celebrating a few days late, since I was out of town, but he’s 52 now. 52!

Hooray for Kev — I love him to pieces, and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. I’m making him come to WindyCon with me this year, since I’m toastmastering, and he can pat me on the back afterwards if it’s a disaster.

It’s been bothering me that he’s not really a part of the SF/F world which is so important to me, and now that the kids are older, it’s much easier for him to come to such things without trying to figure out babysitting, etc. I tried bringing him to WisCon once when Kavi was 1 or 2, but he basically spent the whole time doing childcare, so that didn’t really work.

TV this morning:

• Recipes for Love and Murder (two episodes dropped so far, Acorn) — this isn’t what I expected — it’s not an episodic murder mystery show, but rather, a longer intertwined sequence of stories. The food components are beautifully shot and enjoyable, the mutton curry recipe in the first episode is spot-on, the characterization is strong, and overall, I like it a lot, I think.

It’s set in South Africa, and I was initially a little worried the politics would annoy me, but it’s fine — there’s a young Black woman as a major protagonist, and she doesn’t hesitate to call out racism in the first few scenes. The main content note is that the first two episodes center around domestic violence, and it looks like that’s going to be an ongoing theme through the season, so be aware going in. It’s not presented too graphically so far, but the tense moments are certainly tense.

Recently rewatched movies on Netflix:

• Effie Gray — focused on the art critic John Ruskin and his teenage bride, who struggles with a very difficult marriage — good movie, weird story, but I guess it’s based on an actual weird story, so…

• He’s Just Not That Into You — intertwined story rom-com, appealing mostly because I like a lot of the actors in it, though the pronouncements about what men and women do get a little tedious (there are several gay side characters, so it’s not entirely heteronormative, but still)

Other recent movies I’ve watched on Netflix:

• A Perfect Pairing — very light rom-com with wine in Australia on a sheep farm — fun and enjoyable

• That’s Amor — her job and relationship implode on the same day, she goes home and her mom signs her up for cooking classes where she meets a Spanish chef — also fun and enjoyable, with lots of nice cooking scenes

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