Fun Times at The Robey

Yesterday had a fun time going into the city with Kavi to have brunch with relatives and friends at The Robey. We ate deliciously (I can recommend the chilaquiles accompanied by an Oaxacan on Broken Glass: mezcal, chili liqueur, lime, hellfire bitters).

Then we went up to the 6th floor Cabana Club ($15 / person required food or drink purchase for entry), where we danced to Savreen’s direction, dipped our feet in the tiny triangular pool (a little chilly for swimming, but if you go and want to swim, do bring your own towels, as they don’t supply them), and nattered on for a few lovely hours. (The prickly pear margarita was a little sweet for me, but the chili-salt (tajin) rim helped offset that, and the kids thought it was VERY PRETTY.)

Afterwards, Kavi and I swung by Sultan’s Market, a place Kev and I ate at often when we lived in Wicker Park. I picked up some of their addictive meat pies (I bought two, one for me and one for Kevin, but then I apologized to him because I really wanted to eat the second one and he let me because he loves me), and their really yummy hummus. So good. (Not pictured, but recommended!)

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