Birthday Month Continues

On Friday, I met up with Valya and Roshani at Ethiopian Diamond for deliciousness and what turned out to be a three-hour lunch, followed by a little affogato and fun candy for the kids from Lickety Split across the street.

Yesterday was a quiet day at home, mostly doing chores, which was satisfying in its own way. Today, I had leftover Ethiopian for breakfast while reading Shelley Parker-Chan’s _She Who Became the Sun_ (just started, so no review yet), and am now watching _My Life is Murder_ while doing another row on my cable knit wool skirt.

The skirt has reached a point in the pattern which takes a lot of concentration counting cable stitches, which thankfully is something I can do while mostly listening to Xena Warrior Princess (aka Lucy Lawless) being snarky while solving murders.

In about two hours, I’m going to take Kavi and go into the city to meet up with my sister and family who are in town for a work thing for brunch, so that’ll be fun. Between now and then — knit, water plants, maybe a little writing. After we get home, more e-mail, more gardening, and more chores, maybe a little crafting. And that’s Sunday…

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