Still Having Sleep Trouble

Sigh — woke up at 2, managed to sort of go back to bed until 5, but tired. It’s a bit of a conundrum; I need to exercise more regularly to sleep well, but when I don’t sleep well, I feel too tired to motivate to exercise. I did train with Liz yesterday, so I think I just have to push through the tired. But moving slowly today, I admit.

Spent the first few hours of the day reading, which was nice; one thing I’m hoping to carry from the summer into the fall semester is just more time reading. I can get very caught up in small tasks, and reading chills me out and centers me, in addition to actually being critical to doing my job well.

Today’s reading was Ryka Aoki’s _Light from Uncommon Stars_, which I’m not quite sure how to review — there’s a lot to love about this book (which I think is YA?), but it’s also packing so much in that it often feels like it’s skimming over the surface. I’m not sure I needed the science fiction element at all. But that said, it did keep me hooked and reading pretty compulsively, so kudos for that, and for the trans girl representation, which felt both brutal and real.

Then I switched to TV and knitting — the 3rd season of _Never Have I Ever_ just dropped on Netflix, so I’ve been binging that, with much enjoyment. All the characters are growing up, and there are fewer cringey moments as a result, which I, personally, appreciate — I have limited tolerance for humiliation scenes. Lots of charm in all the teens, and some of the adults too.

Tried out a new cable needle today, which I think I like better than the various hook styles — I was a little worried that I’d end up dropping stitches with a straight needle, but there’s a small indent in the middle, which seems to work just fine, at least when you’re working with wool. And the Brittany birch needle feels nice in my hands, and is very light. Recommended.

Plan for the rest of the day — a haircut, which I have no idea what I’m going to do with, but I’m finding my current hair weirdly annoying, so we’ll see. It may be dramatic, it may not. And then I have nothing actually scheduled, so it’ll probably be a mix of gardening, e-mail, cooking, writing, and crafts — as long as my energy holds out, anyway! There may be another attempt at a nap.

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