Garden Log 7/30/22

For one of my birthday presents, Kavi and I did a fused glass class at the new Stern Glass Works. It was SO FUN. I’ve taken two stained glass classes before (at the now long-defunct Two Fish Glass Studio), but I’ve never done fused glass before.

Maia Stern, the owner, is a recent MFA grad and is both very talented (I checked out her fine art work, impressive!) and a patient and generous teacher.

I’ll do a longer post with process photos once we get our pieces back — they’ll be fired and ready in about a week, at which point, she’ll affix garden stakes — and then we can put them in the garden. 🙂 Kavi made the sun one, and I attempted a representation of hyacinths…

She’s currently not scheduled to teach the garden stake class ($100) again soon, but if enough people are interested (say, 4-6?), it could happen in an open slot in the schedule. I would totally do it again, if anyone else wants to.

And she *is* offering a glass flowers class on August 28th ($25 for 30 minutes). I’m checking my schedule to see if I can make it…

Learn more and sign up for classes, memberships, private lessons, etc. here:

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