Eating Out Together

Birthday recap: Dinner! We went out to eat together for the first time in….forever? Months, certainly. Maybe years? Oh, this pandemic. Time is weird.

Dinner was really fun. I like eating out with my family. I hope we can do more of it this fall; I think we’re going to try.

Had a splendid dinner at Sen Sushi, and because it was my birthday, the family indulged me with a group photo (though as you can see, Anand was not thrilled by the idea….)

We ate:

– edamame (quickly devoured by the children, but I got a few)
– dumplings (whipped through those so fast, we added a second order)
– sashimi sampler (for me, as no one else in my family likes / will dare to try raw fish yet)
– California rolls (Kavi), asparagus rolls & avocado rolls (Kevin and Kavi)
– teriyaki chicken (Anand) — this was huge, so we brought half of it home with us
– chocolate mochi ice cream
– chocolate lava cake (which came with a giant scoop of green tea ice cream & whipped cream)

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