Cute for the Easter Table

The weekend was mostly working through a host of little projects around the house, including sewing projects. I have a lot more in the queue, and honestly, the queue is stressing me out a bit. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how enormous my creative project queue is, and she does the same kinds of projects, but doesn’t have a queue like mine.

For her, she considers a project, decides if she has time for it or not, and that determines if she starts it.

This seems an eminently sensible approach, and entirely foreign to my experience. There are literally hundreds of partially started projects in my house at any given moment. Welcome to ADHD, I guess. At least I do finish some of them some of the time.

Pictured below — I had some scraps left over after sewing a top in my Snowdrop Varieties fabric, so I had to make myself a coordinating headband, of course. I was too lazy to go get the top and put it on for the full effect, so you’ll just have to imagine it. Headband pattern here:

The napkins are in part because I have to proof fabric designs at Spoonflower before I put them up for sale, and one option is to use the ‘fill-a-yard’ option to get nine dinner napkins in a yard. It’s a good option, but y’know, then I have to actually sew the napkins, which I meant to do in…March? Something like that.

I’m actually not letting myself design & order new fabric right now until I actually finish sewing up at least all the spring / summer Spoonflower fabric projects I have on hand. It’s cruel, but necessary.

The napkins will be put to good use, at least, going out in the top two tiers of the Patreon boxes. I think they’d be really cute on an Easter table!

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