A Puttering Weekend

It’s a puttering weekend — just kind of rolling through one little project after another, interspersed with cleaning and organizing, accompanied by season 1 of Babylon 5.

Y’all, the writing is not subtle. The acting is mostly not impressing me either. I can see the long story arcs starting to build, which I know was knew was ground-breaking for SF at the time (and was a clear forerunner to Deep Space 9), so I value that, but I can’t say I’m really gripped by the series yet.

But all of that does mean that it makes for excellent background for chores and crafting; I don’t really care if my attention fades in and out a bit at points. 🙂

These are the Flower Fairy Bath Salts for the summer Patreon boxes, which I like enough that I think we’re going to add them to our shop for regular sale. Very simple — calendula, centaurea, rose, and lavender, with enough scent coming from the lavender that I don’t need to add any other scented oil. Fairies should be simple, I think. Simple and charming.

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