Garden Log 7/16/22

So, even though this has no living garden elements, it’s garden-themed!

This is actually what gave the result I was happiest with — I had a rolling pin that I’d bought on Etsy a while ago, which I intended to use for cookies, but I’d been frustrated with it, because it had such fine and shallow carving, that it didn’t really work for cookies at all. Maybe it would work for fondant?

But it was perfect for polymer clay, so I’m going to reserve it for that going forward. (I keep my food tools separate from my art tools.) I really enjoyed using the rolling pin to make impressions in the clay, then cutting out various bookmark shapes, remembering to punch holes for the tassels.

I definitely still have a lot to learn with polymer clay — I learned how to do ombré effects with this project, which is easy — just fold and roll, fold and roll, repeat until the clay is blended to the level you want.

But I’m not clear on how to get a smooth result on the edge — are you supposed to do all the shaping beforehand? I was able to trim off some rough edges afterwards, but I’m not sure if that’s not recommended — it does seem to have a slightly different texture there.

Well, regardless, I love these. Nice way to spend a Friday evening while binging on The Orville. (I’m caught up on all the actual Star Trek, so I had to catch up on the fake Star Trek. Now I’m out of that too, alas. I suppose I go back to Stranger Things — season 1 done, on to season 2.)

They’ll go in the summer Patreon boxes — which means I need to make a bunch more. Fun. 🙂

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