Playing With Clay Can Be a Little Addictive

Okay, so playing with polymer clay could get a little addictive. I started with a batch of mushrooms for the Patreon boxes (current theme, fairies and starlight, hence the cool tones of these mushrooms). If you’re not skilled, like me, mushrooms are very forgiving, as they only get more charming the wonkier they are.

I need 26 for the boxes, and have made 24, so one more batch; I figure I’ll make some extra in case we get new subscribers this month, and also so I have some for my own garden — I think these will be super-cute to add to little potted plants.


Plan for today:

– drop off Kavi at summer camp, done (she started working as a counsellor-in-training yesterday; she asked if this counted as her first job, and I told her since she isn’t being paid, it’s really more of an internship, but still, it kind of is a job, and it’s both cool and nerve-wracking to realize she’s old enough to do this, eep — she’s just got two weeks of it this summer, so we’ll see how she does with 8-3 five days / week; she was really exhausted yesterday, after running around with 6-7-year-olds all day, taking them to the pool, etc. She says they complain a LOT, and also that she was surprised how mean some of the counsellors were with the kids. Then she said, not mean exactly, but we couldn’t figure out what word she actually wanted. Harsh? Strict? Something like that. She was also a little frustrated that some of the kids didn’t listen to her until she repeated an instruction three times, and I told her she had to cultivate her teacher voice…

– set up Ethan making curry powder (done) — today he’s starting to make the many batches we need for fulfilling the Kickstarter orders for Vegan Serendib, exciting. We’re going to take some time to actually weigh and time things so we can figure out the actual cost of making a batch of curry powder; I’ve just been guesstimating up until now, so it’ll be nice to know whether we actually make any profit on these 🙂

– 10:30 – 11:30 — workout with my trainer Liz Fairweather; I’m so grateful she’s willing to come to the house, it makes life infinitely easier for me (though she also trains people at her own place if they prefer). I love getting a little stronger every week — when I was traveling on the East coast with the kids a few weeks ago, it was really noticeable, because I could grab a rolling suitcase in each hand and hustle them up and down long flights of subway stairs without much effort. And I could easily lift a 35-pound suitcase over my head to stick it in the overhead bin. There was a funny moment when I offered to help an older woman (maybe in her 70s-80s) with her bag, and she thanked me, and then a guy sitting across the aisle hastily jumped up and said, “I’ll get it!” I let him — didn’t want to impugn his masculinity, but I was laughing inside. She said something about how when she was younger, she could lift her own bags, so I think she was probably laughing inside too. I hope I can keep building strength for a while, and then maintain it for a long, long time. I want to be the kind of old lady who clambers around in the garden sturdily and appears to have inexhaustible stores of energy…

11:30 – 1 — straighten up as much as I can before the cleaners come; there’s been a lot of putting the house in order the last few weeks, and more to come; I would REALLY like a clean house and garden and garage by the end of the summer, and I think it’s possible. It would be such a great way to start the semester, much less stressful. I would ALSO like an empty inbox, but I think that is…unlikely. We’ll see.

1 – 2 — therapy appt on Zoom

2 – 3 — check on Ethan, maybe have him come help me sort and put away some of the Serendib stuff in the basement

3 — pick up Kavi from summer camp

That’s the end of the scheduled work for the day — will likely take a break for a few hours then, and then hopefully do some writing & gardening in the evening, once it’s cooled down.

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