The Perfect Neighborhood Thai Joint

So I wanted to try to have at least one nice meal in a Queens restaurant, and when I looked for recs that were within a mile of my hotel, I found KIN’D THAI Restaurant. Reader, it was PERFECT. If this were my neighborhood Thai joint, I suspect I’d be eating there every week.

I had a pounding headache when I got there because I’d been running around all day and somehow failed to have any tea or coffee. I was going to have a Thai iced tea — and then I saw they had a Thai iced tea cocktail, which sounded even better. It was! I forgot to write down what was in it, sadly — vodka, but also some other stuff? I don’t know, but yummy, and not too sweet.

For dinner, I had one of their specials, the ‘Mango Tango’ ($22) — crispy fried soft shell crab topped with mango salad — green mango, red onion, scallion, cherry tomato, avocado, cashews, with chili-lime dressing, served with a bowl of white rice. It was so good, I’m salivating right now thinking of it. I want to eat it again.

I don’t normally eat a lot of fried food, but good crab is hard to resist, and the chili-lime sauce and salad did such a fabulous job of cutting through the richness of the crab, with a little rice to fill in the edges. I couldn’t finish all the rice, because I was stuffed and so, so happy.

Oh, and when she took my order and asked if I wanted it medium-spicy, and I said spicy-spicy? she laughed and what she brought me was actually spicy-spicy. This is important.

Plenty of outdoor seating, and an airy indoor space. If you’re in the area, stop by, enjoy!

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