Last Day at Parents’ House

Last day at my parents’ house; we fly home this evening. I woke up early, but have stayed in bed reading — started Max Gladstone and Amal El-Mohtar‘s _This is How You Lose the Time War_, which is delightful; I can see why it won awards. I’m about halfway through now, so no spoilers, please.

Available here:…/dp/B07MNG496J/ref=sr_1_1…

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve also been watching Umbrella Academy — a quick review note that season 3 was enjoyable, with a satisfying ending, and they handled Vanya’s transition to Victor (the character played by actor Elliot Page, previously Ellen Page) beautifully. No family drama around it — plenty of other family drama, of course, which is the beating bloody heart of the show, mixed in with time travel and apocalypses.

On the docket for today is posting the rest of my trip photos; I paused posting them after the Supreme Court decision because I was in no mood to think calmly about museum exhibits and pretty flowers and tasty food, but I do want to finish documenting the trip — I have a terrible memory, and all of this blogging is tremendously helpful to me for future writing projects, but also just for remembering and making sense of my life. Hopefully it’s sometimes of interest or use to other people too.

I also want to do some writing, but I’ve said that every day (in my head) for the last few months, and have somehow had a very hard time making myself actually do it, even though I have deadlines. Maybe today. If I don’t start tomorrow, I’m going to be pretty mad at myself, because summer writing is the briefest of windows in an academic life, and if I let those days slip away, well. It’ll be bad for my peaceful state of mind, and these days, that’s hard enough to maintain without adding more challenges…

I’d thought of taking the kids to walk through the woods (my parents’ house borders on a small strip of woodland), but I hadn’t checked the forecast — it’s raining now, and likely will be for the rest of the day. We actually have ponchos with us, but I think tromping through wet woods may be a hard sell. We’ll see. At least the temperature has cooled down, which they’ll appreciate.

I’m going to finish off the beef & potato curry for breakfast (thanks, Mary — it was delicious!), and have some of the jackfruit Marina Aunty peeled for us yesterday (also delicious — I didn’t like jackfruit when I first tried it, but it’s grown on me). Then reading and posting and hopefully writing, and trying not to lose too much of the day to doomscrolling. We’ll see how it goes.

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