A Tough Gig

Last moments of New York — we had allowed what I thought was a totally reasonable amount of time to take the subway from Harlem to Penn Station, but then for some unknown reason, we watched three B trains go by while no C train appeared, and my thirty minutes of margin dwindled to three minutes. Eep!

So I was slightly worried that we’d miss our train and have to try to get on the next one a few hours later (not a tragedy, but annoying), but as it turned out, Amtrak’s NE Regional was delayed too, so we were able to grab some snacks in the train station AND spend a few minutes listening to the live classical music.

Which was nice, and soothing, though that has to be a tough gig for musicians! I hope they find a way to enjoy playing, even in the midst of all the noise and chaos of a train station.


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