A Few WisCon Photos Left

Heh. I’m taking the kids to the East Coast tomorrow to visit family for 9 days, so I thought I’d better finish posting the WisCon photos before I left town again. 🙂 Just a few left!

That stack of books on the right in the first photo is me at the Room of One’s Own table, buying up the last several years of Otherwise Award winning books that I didn’t own yet; lots of intriguing reading there. (The Otherwise Award celebrates science fiction, fantasy, and other forms of speculative narrative that expand and explore our understanding of gender — learn more here: https://otherwiseaward.org

Next two photos are what Dan kindly brought me when I had been too over scheduled to go get food for myself — gyros for one meal, chilaquiles for another. Thanks again!

And then I can’t remember where the last two photos are from (if you were at that meal, remind me?), but it was another big group outdoor meal, and several of us got the pesto pasta, which was sort of startlingly good. I mean, I like pesto pasta generally, but they did it perfectly. If I hadn’t been so full, I would’ve wanted to eat a whole ‘nother plate!

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