Going to the East Coast

Quick note that I’m taking the kids to the East coast to visit family next week. (Kevin is teaching this summer, so he’s staying home with the pets.)

I’m mostly planning to be spending time with family, rather than trying to meet up with a lot of friends this time around. But would appreciate suggestions for kid-friendly activities in D.C. and New York.

Anand finds monuments very boring — he was quite scornful about the Washington Monument (“I’m sure excited to see a BIG STONE POLE!” — and had more fun climbing around on the art exhibits in local parks than he did at the monuments. (“Imagine being the first president of the nation, looking from the grave to see what they built in your honor, and seeing a BIG STONE POLE!”) So anything more interactive would be great. 🙂 He is 12 and Kavi is 15.

Relatives who’d like our itinerary, the basic plan is:

– fly into D.C. to visit Sharmila’s family
D.C. — Fri 6/18 – Tues 6/21

– take Amtrak to NY to visit Mirna’s family
New York — Tues 6/21 – Fri 6/24

– take Amtrak to CT to visit parents
CT: Fri 6/24 – Mon 6/27 (we might try a day trip to Mystic if we’re feeling ambitious? But happy to just see people.)

– fly home to Chicago

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