Fun Reading at WisCon

Fun reading at WisCon with Anthony Ha, Jackie Monkiewicz, and Benjamin Rosenbaum (sorry your eyes are closed in this pic, Ben!).

An artist (Sally Brackett Robinson) came up afterwards and showed us a watercolor she’d done of the four of us reading, super neat! 🙂 Yes, I sat cross-legged for my reading; it was a deep chair, and my feet don’t reach the ground sometimes.

I think Ben’s choice of a clear mask was a good one for the reading; it was nice to be able to see his face, and even though all the masks were a bit muffling, we had mics, so it was easy to hear everyone. I’m not planning to do a reading again anytime soon, but if I do, I might get a mask like his. Maybe for teaching in the fall, if we’re still masking then? We’ll see.

I read the new opening to the novel, and people seemed to like it. Ben read it for me before the con and yesterday we spent a few hours going through his notes — it’s mostly tweaks, but important ones; he’s great at worldbuilding, and I think once I implement these changes, it’ll be an even more coherent universe. I have some edits from my PenDragons workshop too, and some e-mail first readers, but it’s VERY VERY close to done.

I might be ready to start submitting it by mid-June? Definitely by months’ end. Eep. My first SF novel baby, going out into the world. Nerve-wracking, honestly.

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