Bursting into Bloom

These Itoh peonies just burst into bloom yesterday; I was sitting on the porch writing most of the day (screenplay homework for tonight’s class), and it was really fun seeing how many people stopped and stared. Drama! 🙂

So far today, I’ve had tea and seeni sambol toast for first breakfast, read a little Terry Pratchett, watered my newly-planted Scotch moss (a daily task until it gets established), chatted briefly with Roshani (need to call her back).

Then I did an hour of personal training with Liz Fairweather (she had me work on getting up to my max exertion heart rate on the treadmill at the end of it, because I have very little cardio capacity and would like to improve that, and I am proud to say that I did *not* throw up, though I did get chills for the last ten seconds of the run). She claims if I do that once or twice a week, it’ll really help with the cardio — we’ll see. I am a little dubious, but on the other hand, she’s been right about everything else so far, so perhaps I should just trust her.

Then I met on Zoom with a doctoral student who’s working in speculative fiction, helping her to put together her exam list. And now I’m going to call Roshani back and have second breakfast, and get some plants in the ground (annual salvia & creeping phlox) and watered.

After that, I have kazillion backlogged e-mails to answer, a dermatologist appointment at 2 (facial acne is super-annoying), a stop at the Indian store to get a ton of spices in preparation for a) tomorrow evening’s spice grinding demo for the Naperville library, and b) batches of curry powder for Saturday’s What’s Bloomin’ on Harrison art fair (come by my booth, locals! Say hi! I get lonely working the booth…).

And then a break for a couple hours at teatime, because I can’t think from roughly 4-6. And then dinner (I made lots of Thai yellow curry chicken and rice last night, so no need to cook tonight, although now that I say that, I could use a spicy vegetable or a tangy pickle or something to go with it, hmm…), and then screenwriting class.

Long day, busy day, nice day.


(EDIT: Since FB doesn’t show people things, let me use this post to note that I launched a Kickstarter yesterday! Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/portolan-writing-project…)

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